About Our Training

Lac La Biche County entered into agreements with Portage College and Alberta Public Safety and Emergency Services to provide high-quality training for new and existing law enforcement and other first responder professionals. The Law Enforcement Training Centre has dedicated staff who strive to develop and deliver programs that keep law enforcement officers, other first responders, and our public safe.

Our Training Centre delivers highly motivational training with a focus on safety and following the most up-to-date industry standards and best practices. Through our partnership we are striving to conduct programs that support the Government of Alberta’s mandate of ensuring safe and secure communities.  

Some of our training courses offered include the following:

  • Community Peace Officer Induction Program
  • NEW: Bylaw Enforcement Officer Induction Program
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • Speed Measurement for Law Enforcement (RADAR/LiDAR devices)
  • Shotgun Training for both the new user and recertifying officers
  • Crime Prevention Education
  • Drug Awareness for First Responders
  • Control Tactics Training
  • Crime Scene Awareness for First Responders
  • First Aid / CPR Training
  • Working Mind (Mental Health for First Responders)
  • Leadership Development for Law Enforcement and other First Responders
  • Communication Basics for Law Enforcement and other First Responders
  • Crime Prevention Education

Our Centre regularly hosts courses offered by other agencies and private institutions. To  learn more about our courses and to subscribe to our mailing list, reach out to us at training@laclabichecounty.com